About Us

Like many towing companies, Somerset Hills Towing was started almost 29 years ago as a convenience for the customerts of several small garages owned and operated by one man. It was his intention to be able to transport his customers vehichles to his shops for repairs 



Have you ever met a towing company that is  professional, efficient, and highly trained to handle any of your towing  needs?  At SHT, we pride ourselves on being the  very best in the area.  When your car breaks down at 3am, what do you  do?  Our operators are available 24/7 and will come to help you as  quickly as they can.  , our operators go  through hands-on training . At SHT We understand that your vehicle is a valuable  investment and we promise to take extra care of it when it is in our  hands.    From towing vehicles out of sand, lakes, swamps, ditches canals and  more, our guys have dealt with everything imaginable.  We have numerous  trucks and are capable of towing anything from a hummer limousine to  your luxurious Porsche.   

Close the deal

 When we say we are  the best, it is because we truly are.  We do what we do because we love  it! Our operators will always have your best interest in mind and will  do whatever we can to get you and your vehicle to a safe facility.  If you are in an accident or experience  maintenance issues with your personal, work, or commercial vehicle, give  us a call today!