1. Safety

First and foremost we at Somerset Hills Towing hope that everyone involved is doing okay. While we are in a business where we do see accidents frequently , it is our hope that those involved not be injured.

2. Notify your Insurance Company

Tell them that you were involved in an accident and that your car was towed to one of our facilities and that you would like for an appraiser / adjuster to view the vehicle.

3. Complete the form below

This will allow us to begin our paperwork and expedite the process when you come feel free to fax to 732-356-7128

4. Come to our office ( if you need to)

Here you may remove any personal items left in the vehicle . Here you may also re examine the damage. Sometimes it may be less or worse than you thought !

5. Discuss options with one of our accident coordinators

He/she will help you proceed thru the process in the most effective way 

Things to Remember

  • Please remember , you pay for your insurance and you have the Final say. Many people do not realize the options available to them.this is why we suggest speaking to the accident coordinator . Dealing with an accident can be a lot less Stressful with Knowledgeable help. 
  • Valid License 
  • Up-to-Date Registration 
  • Up-to-Date Insurance